🎉Rio's Waters🌊 Highly Toxic😱

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The poor😞 sanitary conditions in Rio de Janeiro have been highlighted💥 many times but the 🏅Olympic Games organisers👔 have not found a way to tackle😟 the problem completely. Ahead of the 2009📅 bid for the games, Brazil had pledged 👍 to spend $4 billion💰 to clean up 80% of the waste that flows directly😳 into the bay. But reports indicate👉 that only $170 million😱 have been spent till now due to the financial💸 crisis. Health experts💪 and researchers🔬 have warned😧 Olympic marathon swimmers🏊, sailors🚣 and windsurfers who are competing in Rio's waters🌊 to keep their mouth shut😷. Recent tests conducted on the city's waters showed📊 the presence of a number of ☠deadly pathogens which are even life😱 threatening.

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