SA to Implement😣 Racial Quota😱

By Shadowfax🐎

Cricket South Africa (CSA) have revealed😱 that they plan to introduce racial quotas in the national team😣. CSA president👔 Chris Nenzani said that the move was to ensure there was a minimum number of black cricketers😯 in all national teams. The details on what would be the number of black cricketers to be included was not divulged by the board🤔. Nenzani said🔈, "In the past we never set targets (number of black players) in our national teams, but with changing circumstances, we feel it is essential to move with the times.😯"

Cricket🏏, rugby, netball and athletics have all irked the South African Govt😡 for the lack of adequate black sportsmen in the fields and this move is believed to be a 'corrective' measure being adopted by the Govt😳.

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