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+91...9⃣ how do I approach a girl?
+234...3⃣ how do i develop confidence to ask the girl i love out
+277...8⃣ how can i ask a girl out?
+263...4⃣ how can l ask a girl out
+234...9⃣ how can i ask a girl out
+234...3⃣ how do i ask a girl out to become my girlfriend
+234...8⃣ how can i ask a girl out

Dear All,

We have all been in your situation. You're really crushing on somebody, but really can't work up the guts to tell them how you really feel. Maybe you'll ruin a good friendship. Maybe you're afraid of making a fool of yourself❓

Here are my tips for how to handle telling your crush that you're interested in something more.

🐢Work up to it slowly. If you don't know them well, get to know them a little first to see if they will live up to your (high) expectations.

⏲Spend time with them by hanging out at the same parties, places and get to know your 😍crush's friends.

💬Spend time talking with your 😍crush, figure out his/her likes and dislikes. See what you have in common.

🗣If it's all going well, the chances are that your 😍crush likes you too.

💬Pick your moment and tell your crush you'd like to be more than friends.

Be prepared for a 'Yes' or a 'No' answer when you tell your 😍crush how you feel. If you don't tell them how you feel, you'll always wonder what could have happened between you if you'd have just revealed your feelings.

Life's too short for regrets❗️

Duta Didi

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