🇳🇵Nepal Floods: 54 Killed💐

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

Heavy rains in 🇳🇵Nepal have triggered floods & landslides, killing at least 54 👥people & displaced thousands of 👥people. Houses & bridges have been washed away in various parts of 🇳🇵Nepal & rivers have flooded. Among the worst his is Pyuthan district where 26 👥people have died in floods & landslides. Many of those killed were previously victims of the earthquake💢 that rocked the nation last year. They were living in shoddily repaired houses & most of the victims are still living in tents. The government has launched🚀 rescue & relief⛑ operations in 14 of the nation’s 75 flood affected districts. Rubber boats🚤 are being used by 💂🏼soldiers & volunteers to rescue stranded 👥people. Helicopters are being used to drop in food supplies.

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