No❌ Security Council🌏 Membership For 🇮🇳India

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🇮🇳India will not❌ be getting a permanent seat on the 🌏UN's Security Council this year but a decision on this matter will be made next year😳. All G4 countries- India, 🇧🇷Brazil, Japan🇯🇵 and Germany🇩🇪 have been vying for a permanent seat for a long time. In a joint statement📃 with the G4 nations, India said🔈: "It is unfortunate that the 70th anniversary of the United Nations was not able to build up momentum with a view to reaching an agreement on this important item of the agenda of the General Assembly."
The 👮Security Council has 15 members, of which 😒5 countries- 🇩🇪Britain, France, the United States🇺🇸, China and 🇷🇺Russia are permanent members. The prospect of expanding👌 the council received a fresh face👍 when a negotiation text📄 was adopted by the General Assembly las year. Several countries including 🇵🇰Pakistan and Italy were in strong 💪opposition to the negotiation text😕.

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