PM✌ Invokes Rule 12, Amends Lokpal 📜Act

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On Wednesday, the Lok Sabha approved✅ an amendment section 44 of the Lokpal & Lokayukta 📜Act, 2013. This would allow more time to public👥 servants, trustees & board members of NGOs to declare their assets💰 & those of their spouses if they receive government funds of more than ₹1⃣ cr💰 or foreign funding of more than ₹10 lakh. The amendment was for providing immediate relief to public servants before the 💐deadline on 31 July. Several MPs had met PM ✌Modi on 25 July demanding deletion of the provision. This was because the amendment to the Bill📜 was introduced in the supplementary list of business but wasn’t cleared by the Union Cabinet. Bills📜 can me moved if cleared✅ by the Cabinet or the PM invokes rule 12, taking a suo motu decision, or an empowered group👥 of ministers clear it with the approval of the Cabinet. In the case of the Lokpal amendment PM ✌Modi made the move after invoking rule 12.

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