💪Salman, 😎Aamir Issued Tax Notices

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By Fråst🐺

💰Tax collectors in 🌃Mumbai are now after several 🌟Bollywood stars like 😎Aamir Khan & Ranveer Singh & production houses like 📽Yash Raj Films & 💪Salman Khan Films📽. The actors have been asked to disclose payments💰 received from their production houses too. Sources say that the tax collectors are looking for ‘high-profile’ defaulters. One source said🔉, “The department seems to be obsessed by Bollywood. Often they are directed to reply in a week.” He said that in the movie business, the "understanding of tax matters is a bit poor." One producer🎞 said that most top actors😎 & producers comply with the regulations. He said🔉, “With studio model in place, a lot of financial cleansing has already happened so these guys need not worry. The mid-guys are the ones who are either unaware or dealing in cash. They will find their life getting more & more difficult.”🤔

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