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Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri👔 expressed his disappointment😞 at ⭐Gonzalo Higuain's transfer➡ to Juventus. The Italian Champions shelled out €90million💰 for the 28-year-old striker. 🔈“It's hard for me to speak of Higuain after seeing him wearing the Juventus shirt. I'll talk about it, but not gladly. It was his own decision, because our offer matched what was offered away from here.
From a personal point of view, I'm left embittered. I was expecting at least a phone call, be it just five minutes before he had his medicals. But I'm old enough not to be surprised. The lads too expected a farewell. That I know of, there was nothing, "said Sarri. The coach expressed confidence👍 in the squad and said that the club will move forward without Higuain as 'they haven't lost the desire to play'😃.

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