☀Sunlight to Purify💧 Drinking Water

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By Fråst🐺

Scientists👓 at Washington University🏤 have found a way to purify drinking 💧water using graphene oxide⬛, bacteria-produced👾 cellulose & sunlight☀ to form a bi-layered biofoam. The method is quick & efficient & may revolutionise the way 💧water is purified especially in nations without adequate clean 💧water. Dr Srikanth Singamaneni👓 of Washington Uni🏤 said🔉, “The nanoscale cellulose fibre network produced by bacteria has excellent ability to move the 💧water from the bulk to the evaporative surface while minimising the heat coming down, & the entire thing is produced in one shot.” The biofoam is extremely light💨 & inexpensive to make, making it a feasible💸 tool for 💧water purification & desalination. The cellulose can be produced on a large scale & graphene⬛ oxide is very cheap.

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