Arnab📺 Handed ₹500 Cr Defamation Notice📑

  |   India News

Zakir Naik, the preacher🎙 who allegedly inspired terrorists☠ of the Islamic State to conduct various attacks💥 has slapped a ₹500 crore defamation notice📑 on TV anchor📺 Arnab Goswami for running a hate campaign against him. Naik's lawyer, Mubin Solkar,has also levelled a few other charges against the channel including “creating enmity and hatred between religious communities” and hurting the “religious sentiments” of Naik and the Muslim community through Goswami’s statements on the channel🤔. He has accused😠 Goswami and the channel for running a 'media trial'⚖ and promoting 'disharmony and feelings of hatred & enmity, destroying the secular fabric of the country'.According to reports📰, Naik has converted around 800 people to Islam😯. Union Minister Venkiah Naidu had earlier said that appropriate action will be taken against Naik if found guilty. Naik is also banned🚫 in several countries including the UK🇬🇧 for his hate speech🗣.

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