Ask👩Didi: How to Lose Weight

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+255...4️⃣ how do i lose weight without doing exercise?

Dear +255...4️⃣,
The truth is that you simply can’t lose ⬇️ weight in a 👍healthy way 🚫without doing exercise.
Think of it like this:

Weight gain happens when:
🍔calorie intake > physical activity⛹

You lose weight when:
🍔calorie intake < physical activity⛹

So you have 2️⃣ options to lose weight:

1️⃣reduce the amount you eat🍽

2️⃣get moving⛹

You’ll see small changes make a big difference:

🚶Opt to walk or pedal a 🚴 bike every day

📶Take the stairs

🍞Eat less processed carbohydrates (white bread, white rice, pasta)

🍉Choose more fruits and vegetables

💧Drink plenty of water to flush out your system

Remember - small changes keep weight off❗️
Duta Didi