GoT⚔: Download Season 6⃣

  |   Hollywood

Season 6 of Game of Thrones⚔ will be available for digital download💻 from August 1⃣st. Fans would have the chance of reliving the heartbreaking💔 scene of Hodor sacrificing his life😢 for Bran Stark👦 once again. The release contains snippets from behind the scenes😃. In one particular clip, actors Kristian Nairn(Hodor) & Issac Hempstead Wright (Bran) speak about the emotional❤ resonance of the scene and 🎬Jack bender details his approach in capturing the scene. It is part of the featurette📹 called 'Bran's Journey'. Fans👏 should make sure they add this release to their GoT collection. Some of the cast of the show were on a talk show📺 recently and Bran was 'forgiven' by Hodor . Click here to catch the heart-warming moment📹

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