Ivanka💃 & Chelsea⭐ Are Still Good👌 Friends⁉

  |   Hollywood / India News

Hillary Clinton👩 and Donald Trump have been in a war of words😡 for quite some time. Clinton's husband👔 and Trump's sons💪 have also joined the war. However, the candidates' daughters👧 have somewhat remained behind🤔 the spotlight✨. Of course, they have been kind of friends😀 for a long time, though not exactly close😕. And both Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump have often stated👉 that they have mutual respect for them👍. During a recent interview📺, Ivanka said🔈, "We're both incredibly supportive of our parents, as we should be. But we also continue to have great respect for one another. Our friendship has never been about politics. I don't expect it will be about politics in the future."

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