🐱Katrina on Feeling Beautiful👄

  |   Bollywood / Katrina Kaif

By Fråst🐺

During the Vogue Beauty Awards🕴 in 🌃Mumbai, 🐱Katrina Kaif spoke about what makes her feel the most beautiful. 🐱Katrina was asked who the last person👤 was who made her feel loved & beautiful, 🐱Katrina said🔉, “The girl who has been working with me, Bianca (Celebrity makeup 💄artist Bianca Hartkopf), because that is literally the last person. A person just need to make you feel they care to make you feel loved & I think that gives you confidence.” She also revealed that there are some days🌅 when she has to force herself to leave the house👀 as she really doesn’t feel confident just like any other normal girl👧🏻. She also said that the days that really make her feel beautiful😍 are the days that make you feel loved❤. Aw damn, that’s so true😓😭!

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