Napoli President👔 Calls Higuain a Liar😱‼

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Napoli President, Aurelio De Laurentiis👔 hit back at Gonzalo Higuain⭐, accusing him of lacking respect towards Neapolitans😱. After his move to Juventus, Higuain claimed that it was De Laurentiis who pushed✋ for the move and revealed that he never had a good relationship with his former club President. Laurentiis responded with a lengthy statement📄on Napoli's official website💻 in which he stated💬, " If Mister Gonzalo Gerardo Higuain was annoyed by my presence, it took him many years to understand it, unless he is a liar or an excellent actor. I would rule the latter out, though, as I know something about actors."
He also lashed out at the striker's agent for calling Higuain's Napoli team-mates rubbish😳. He ended his rant😡 with, "Napoli was the only city to get rid alone of the Nazis even before the arrival of the Americans who found the town freed when they entered it. You can betray these people if you are shameless but you can't take the p*** out of them."😶

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