RaGa: Govt Insensitive Towards Inflation📈

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Rahul Gandhi accused👉 the BJP government of being insensitive😳 to the impact of inflation📈 on the common man👴, in the parliament🏛 today. He criticised the government of doing very little to stop✋ the corruption💸 and hoarding which has led to the shortage of 🍱lentils. 🔈"You said you wanted to be the people's chowkidar," he said. "It has been left to the Congress to serve as chowkidar.All across villages, a plaintive new slogan is ringing out- Arhar Modi, " said RaGa. FM Arun Jaitley responded by stating that slogans are no substitutes for statistics📊 and that Inflation was in double digits for 18 months during the UPA regime.

The prices of lentils have risen⬆ by 20% every month for the last year. The government has raised imports and placed the buffer stock on the market but the low amount of production😟 of pulses in the country is a persistent problem.

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Original Image Credit: https://goo.gl/O8nk3f