🇧🇷Riots💥 During 🏋Olympic Torch Relay

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By Fråst🐺

Several riots💥 broke out on Thursday during the 🏋Olympic torch relay setting a bad precedent😕 before the 🇧🇷Rio Games which will begin next month. The torch is nearing the end of the relay which will go across 300 cities, ending with the lighting of the 🏋Olympic flame in the Maracana stadium on 5⃣ Aug. However, instead of igniting the 👥people’s excitement the incident has made it a symbol of the social unrest✊ in 🇧🇷Brazil. An angry mob fought the 👮🏼police at the torch parade while ✊protesting the lack of 👥public transport & the bankrupt💸 nation’s inability to pay salaries. The mob had forced the torch bearer to retreat to the 👮🏼police when the relay was halted. 👮🏼Police had also fired rubber bullets🔫 & tear gas into the crowd. Other cities saw incidents too as 👥people tried to douse the torch with🔥fire🔥extinguishers 💨& buckets of 💧water.

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