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Ask👩Didi: How to Charm the Ladies

+263...1⃣ how,do l charm a gel

Dear +263...1⃣ ,

This is by far the most frequently asked question I receive. The answer is simple:

🎩Be well groomed. Look your best.

💬Before you approach her, think of things to talk about, for example music or movies.

😀Try to be …

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Ask👩Didi: Making 👱Him/👩Her Happy😊

+234...2⃣ how do i make my girlfriend happy all the time

Dear +234...2⃣,

We spend a lot of time depending on 🔁 others for our own happiness. We also bend 🏋 over backwards to make others 😅happy.

The ✨golden rule✨ to figure out as soon as possible is that for …

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Ask👩Didi: How to Lose Weight

+255...4️⃣ how do i lose weight without doing exercise?

Dear +255...4️⃣,
The truth is that you simply can’t lose ⬇️ weight in a 👍healthy way 🚫without doing exercise.
Think of it like this:

Weight gain happens when:
🍔calorie intake > physical activity⛹

You lose weight when:
🍔calorie intake < physical …

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Ask👩Didi: Positivity Tips

+91...2⃣ what should i do to stop bad thoughts arising in my mind?
+96...7⃣ i'm depressed

Dear All,

Here are my tips for overcoming depression by changing your mindset from 😞negative to 😊positive. You’ll notice an immediate difference if you:

1⃣😀Change your frown to a 😃smile …

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