The Donkey🐴 Translator🗣

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By Fråst🐺

In Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England🇬🇧, Mark Ineson has been studying donkeys🕵 for ➕20 years & says that they’re very emotive creatures❤. Ineson owns ‘Real Donkeys’ & is a self-proclaimed ‘donkey whisperer’ who is using equipment📻 that translates the animals sounds to English😯 sentence. Ineson says that donkeys are like dogs & capable of showing emotions. He said🔉, “We get the nudges, we get the facial expressions… (We) work very closely with them, day in day out, & pick up on their mannerisms, their emotions, what they're thinking basically.” The translators analyse🔎 the unique sounds, frequencies📈 & vibrations of each donkey's sounds triggering a phrase that reflects what the donkey is feeling. For now, he’s using the technology for children’s rides👧🏻👦🏻.

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