⏰20-hour Gurgaon Jam😓

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By Fråst🐺

The traffic jam🚗🚕🚙 in Gurgaon lasted more than 20 hours🕐 as it started at 6pm on Thursday. Interestingly, Gurgaon’s only ☔rain gauge wasn’t working🙄 so no one knows the exact amount that it rained at the time. Nearby city of Palam showed only 5.8mm of ☔rain till Friday. The city had to be shut off🚫 for 2⃣ days to recuperate from the debacle. Haryana’s civic bodies have blamed 🌆Delhi for the flooding saying that 🌆Delhi had closed the sluice gates🌊 of the Najafgarh drain on Thursday evening. When the ☔rain began the 💧water nowhere to go & began filling up which led to the 💧waterlogging. However, 🌆Delhi denies❌ that they shut the gates adding that Haryana was trying to cover up its mistakes.

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