'Intolerance😱' in India: 🇺🇸US Concerned😟

  |   India News

By Shadowfax🐎

The USA🇺🇸 has asked the Indian Govt to do 'everything in its power😳' to protect its citizens after expressing concern😟 over reports of rising intolerance in India😯 and also asked India to bring the perpetrators to justice⚖. US State Dept spokesman🔈 John Kirby had this to say as he responded to questions🎙 on alleged violence against people eating beef🍖 and assault on 2⃣ women carrying buffalo meat in MP - "We’re obviously concerned by reports of rising intolerance and violence. We urge the government to do everything in its power to protect citizens and to hold the perpetrators accountable.😏"

Kirby further said that the US always wanted to work together👍 with India and that a 'tolerant' India was always in the best interests of the US and the world🌏.

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