Jason Bourne🔫: A Man of Few Words‼

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After the failure😟 of 'Bourne Leegacy', the winning duo of 🎬Paul Greengrass & Matt Damon⭐ joined hands once again for 📽'Jason Bourne', the 5⃣th instalment of the Bourne series. The film released earlier this month and fans👏 found out that the lead character had exactly 45 lines of dialogue😱 in the entire film. The longest line Damon had to deliver in the movie was🗣, "Beirut. I went there to tell him that Treadstone had approached me. But if that was his program, why didn’t he say anything to me?”
The actor has worked hard on his 💪physique for the film as the director asked him to look lean and fit for the role.