Missing IAF Plane✈: Crew Member's Phone📱 Active⁉

  |   India News

By Shadowfax🐎

The Indian Air Force✈ is continuing to search for the wreckage and possible survivors😳 after its AN-32 flight mysteriously disappeared over the Bay of Bengal🌊 while it was flying from Chennai to Port Blair. However, a stunning bit of news has turned up as one of the crew members' phone📱 was still active according to his family. Raghuvir Verma's family said that they dialled his number😯 which was still active, even though no one picked the call😑. According to the family, the phone was switched off at first but later became active giving them a ray of hope😌 to hold on to. A friend of Raghuvir also backed the family's claim👍 and said that the 'last seen' status on his messenger app😲 was showing July 26, four days after the flight went missing. It is possible that the phone could have been left behind - a situation that will be hopefully investigated.

India has meanwhile sought assistance🙏 from the US to see if their satellites📡 picked up any traces of the missing flight.

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