Rural India Answers👩 DP's Nike👌 Ad 📹:

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By Shadowfax🐎

A while back, a Nike ad📹 featuring Deepika Padukone that aimed to inspire aspiring women👩 athletes in India created quite a flutter. A YouTube channel📺 called 'Epic Spiritual' have released a new version of the ad showcasing the real women in India who toil in fields😓, construction sites and what not to achieve their goals🎯, however small they are👏. It takes a dig at the original video's tagline 'Just do it' by adding a description💬: "Dedicated to the women who have been doing it anyway, for centuries...often in very difficult conditions"👌.

Watch it here 📹:

Watch the original ad featuring Deepika here 📹:

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Original Image Credit: Still from video