🇮🇳Tamil-American🇺🇸 - Youngest Delegate in NDC👏

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18-year-old Sruthi Palaniappan was the youngest👧 delegate to the Democratic National Convention. She is set to join Harvard Universty🏛 to study government📚. Sruthi spoke on behalf of the Iowa state delegation during the voting🗳 process for presidential nomination. 🔈"I am pursuing this passion for politics that I have. I became involved in service and advocacy-related activities initially, and when the time came to be involved in the election process, I jumped right on board. I got into the Clinton campaign, and went door-to-door canvassing in my area. I was able to encourage people to come out and vote, ”said the teenager. Sruthi was one of the 4⃣ delegates elected by the district convention directly to the national convention👏. Her father, Palaniappan Andiappan👔 who immigrated✈ to the US🇺🇸 in 1992, too attended the convention as a member of the credentials committee.

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