Uttarakhand MLA👤 Accused of Rape😱

  |   India News

By Shadowfax🐎

Delhi police👮 have registered a case after a woman👩 accused BJP MLA from Uttarakhand Harak Singh Rawat of raping her😱 at his south Delhi home. The woman alleged that the MLA had called her to his house🏠 on Friday and raped her. 56-year-old Rawat was one of the prominent faces😯 of the rebel MLA group which walked out from Congress recently🚶 which led to President's rule being implemented in the state. but after the Supreme Court⚖ reinstated the Congress Govt, Harak Singh and party formally joined BJP. Another woman had filed a case😳 against Harak Singh in 2014, accusing him of molesting her😣. BJP state spokesman🔈 Vinay Goel said that Congress Govt was trying to get back at Harak Singh and that there wasn't an iota of truth in the allegations😏.

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