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+234...3⃣ how do we learn to build a trust that's already lost ​

Dear +234...3⃣,

👫Trust is the foundation of any relationship. When it is lost, it's very hard to get back. Here are some tips for how to win your partner's👫 trust back:

1⃣ Don't deny what you did to break your partner's trust. Be open and take responsibility for your actions.

2⃣ Spare your partner the unnecessary details. It just makes whatever you did more painful.

3⃣ Understand why your partner does not trust you. Don't be defensive, casual or self-righteous about the issues. You don't have the right to get 😡angry.

4⃣ Talk 💬 about what your motives were in breaking your partner's trust. Explain whatever you're struggling with that caused you to do wrong.

5⃣ Once you've identified your motivations, work with your partner to address the root cause. If you determine you're no longer compatible, it's time to move on.

6⃣ Be open, don't keep secrets. If your partner wishes to they should have the right to go through your 📧email, 📱phone and have the right to know where you'll be. Your privacy is less important than the relationship you're trying to save. If it is not, it is time to end things.

7⃣ If you think you'll repeat whatever you did to break trust, walk away now, for both of your sakes.

Trust works both ways and requires shared values and a willingness to compromise.

Good luck,

Duta Didi

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