Sunny🔅 & Sachin Lose Luggage💼

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By Fråst🐺

Sunny Leone🔅 is currently in Thailand🇹🇭 holidaying with her husband😎, Daniel Weber. Clearly, she really loves to travel✈ as she recently just got done with a trip to Italy🇮🇹 and Los Angeles🇺🇸. However, this time, she’s managed to lose her luggage💼 in transit on her way to Mumbai🌃. She said🔉, “Losing your luggage is very disappointing and of course inconvenient. It had clothes and some money. I am thankful that the staff at the Mumbai airport helped me in tracing it. I will have my luggage with me within a few days.” Turns out that Cricket🏏 legend, Sachin Tendulkar🏏 was also in the same flight and had his luggage💼 lost too.

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