DP: Priyanka’s💋 a Fabulous Performer💃🏻

  |   Bollywood / Priyanka Chopra / Deepika Padukone

By Fråst🐺

Earlier rumours👀 in the air made it look like Deepika Padukone🙋🏻 and Priyanka Chopra💋 lost some love in their friendship💛 as they didn’t dance together👯 at the 2016 IIFA awards🏆. Deepika finally ended the rumours saying🔉, “Priyanka is a fabulous performer and I did not want to spoil her performance. We might not have done the dance together at IIFA, but you can always play the song anywhere when we both are around and we will happily dance to Pinga.” Priyanka💋 also said that there wasn’t❌ any competition between the 2⃣ good friends.

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