CBI🔎 Arrests Rajendra Kumar, AAP Furious😡

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By Fråst🐺

Deputy Secretary of Chief Minister's👔 Secretariat Tarun Sharma & AAP’s Principal Secretary Rajendra Kumar were arrested👮🏼 today in a ₹50 cr💰 corruption case😯. Dep. CM Manish Sisodia said🔉, “No Central government has stooped to such a low level. The rate of transfers, people being shunted out... all this is being done to paralyse the Aam Aadmi Party government.” Three others have also been arrested, however, the CBI🕵 allege that Rajendra Kumar is the kingpin🤑 of the scam. The CBI🕵 claim that Rajendra has been setting up various companies🏬 to provide work contracts📜 without offers, causing losses to the Delhi government🏣. Sources say that the Rajendra began his rip-off company, Endeavour Systems Private Ltd.🏬 in 2006 which would provide IT solutions and software🤔. The CBI conducted a raid💥 on Rajendra’s office last year in Dec, causing a massive uproar🗣.

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