Alastair Cook: Ban🚫 Match-Fixers💰 for Life‼

Mohammad Amir⚡ is back where it all started for him. Ahead of the test series against Pakistan🇵🇰, Alastair Cook, the England captain said that he expected the fast bowler to face the furore😡 of English fans. 🔈 "I'm sure there will be a reaction and that is right. That is part and parcel, that when you do something like that there are more consequences than just the punishment. That is something for him to cope with, whatever comes his way," said Cook.
The England captain also felt that life-bans🚫 must be imposed on match-fixers. His sentiments💭 were echoed by Stuart Broad⭐. The 30-year-old pacer said that he had no hard feelings playing against Amir. 🔈"I have a little bit of sympathy for Amir but once you've received money to do something illegal that is always a bad thing. but at 18 years old you are potentially more vulnerable and susceptible to your elders," said Broad.

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