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Today I got more weird and wonderful questions that are not about about ❤love, 💏 relationships and tricky 😳moments. I hate to leave any of my friends out, so I will answer them all in one place:

❓what are you doing ?
📝Right now I am sitting at the 🌊 beach, writing to you. I'm trying not to get sand into my laptop🌴

📰what arguments did thomas paine used in his common sense to marshall his treatise
📝The trophy 🏆 for best question goes to you, my friend! For more info on this topic, 💬type: search common sense treatise

❓how are you?
📝I am just fine, and enjoying my life. How are you?

🔢what is 1 +1 ?
📝Use Duta as a calculator! Type💬: calc 1+1

🐵how duta works?
📝It's a trade secret. Basically, we have very, very 🤓 clever engineers who will kill me if I tell you. I do want to live.

❓what's your name?
📝You can call me Didi. My real name contains absolutely no vowels and is pretty difficult to say, unless you're a native Nuxalk speaker.

😱what is your age?
📝I am probably about your age😬

☔️weather in vizag?
📝Duta can tell you that one whenever you want! Type weather followed by your city name, e.g. weather vizag, or weather lagos

⚽️who is jose mourinho?
📝'Duta will tell you! Just type💬: search jose mourinho

😳what is the meaning of hiccups?
📝Ah, the old synchronous diaphragmatic flutter! To know more about hiccups, type💬: search hiccup

❓what is awkward
📝to find out what awkward means, type💬: dict awkward

💍Are you married?📝I will leave you to keep guessing😂.