Penalty 😞Miss: Pelle⭐ Apologises🙏

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After crashing out of the Euros🏆 in Penalty Shootout against Germany, Italy forward ⭐Graziano Pelle apologised🙏 for missing his spot kick. The player has come under criticism😡 for his gesture😳 towards goalkeeper👋 Manuel Neuer ahead of his penalty kick. He implied😯 that he is going to do a Panenka-style chip. "I am sorry to everyone, but let nobody say I was trying to provoke Neuer. I don't even think he noticed. By making the 'chip' gesture I was merely trying to encourage him to stay in the centre of the goal," Pelle 🔈said. The Italian further thanked👌 his compatriots and the entire nation👏 for supporting🙌 them whole through the tournament👍.

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