PM Trudeau👔 Celebrates in Gay🌈 Parade

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Canadian🇨🇦 Prime Minister👔 Justin Trudeau announced📣, after becoming the first Canadian PM👔 to march in a gay🌈 pride parade that the nation would soon issue gender-neutral ID-cards🎫. Trudeau participated in the parade🎉 along with other politicians. He did not provide any details📝 but said that the Govt. was providing the “best way” 👍 and studying other jurisdictions. He said🔉, “That's part of the great arc of history sweeping towards justice.” Ontario, Canada🇨🇦 recently announced that it would allow the use of a third gender indicator – X – for driver’s licenses🎫. Other nations like Australia🇦🇺, New Zealand🇳🇿 & Nepal🇳🇵 already use the indicator. Trudeau👔 also wanted to change previous regulations on blood💉 donation by gay men saying the 5⃣-year abstinence period was “not good enough.” Canadian Blood Services has dropped the limit from 5⃣ to 1⃣ years presently.

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