Real👑 & Barca🔷 to Repay 💰State Aid😱

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A European Commission👮 investigation🔍 found out that 7⃣ professional⚽ clubs, including Real Madrid👑, Barcelona🔷 and Valencia, received unfair 😱financial support. The clubs will have to pay millions of euros💸 to Spanish state following the investigation. In a land transfer📄 deal that fell through, Real Madrid were 😳overcompensated by the Spanish capital and now the club must repay €18.4million💰. In another case, Barca🔷, Athletic Bilbao and Osasuna received tax 😯deductions for 20 years since they were treated as 🤔non-profit organisations. European Commissioner👔 for Competition Margrethe Vestager said🔈: "Professional football is a commercial activity with significant money involved and public money must comply with fair competition rules. The subsidies we investigated in these cases did not."

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