Opposition: Modi’s✌ “Cosmetics”💄 Won’t Work

  |   PM Modi News

By Fråst🐺

Congress✋ and AAP have together accused the Centre🏤 of using “cosmetics”💄 on its failing government to get votes in the upcoming polls📥 next year. Their comments are in light of the recent news of a possible cabinet reshuffle. Congress✋ leader Tom Vadakkan called it a “futile exercise” and said that PM Modi✌ should shift his focus on non-performing ministers. He said🔉, “Reshuffle should be about merits and performance…There are ministries, whose performance is much wanting and the Prime Minister should focus on that.” AAP leader👔 Ashutosh said🔉, “Modi’s government is a sinking ship. The BJP is a losing party. How much ever colour, cosmetics they apply or cosmetic surgery they do, their true face is known to the people.” Ashutosh said that the reshuffle🔀 won’t make a difference👎 in either UP or any other state.

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