Nasseruddin😎 on India’s Acting🎭 Schools

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An annoyed😠 Nasseruddin Shah spoke🗣 his mind about the current situation of acting schools🎭 in India🇮🇳. He said🔉, “There are no acting teachers in the country, they are all shams, they are all frauds and I have no hesitation in saying this.” He said that it’s unfortunate😔 that the schools are fooling kids👻 and teach them nothing after being a part of such a vibrant film📽 heritage. Shah himself was a student🙇🏻 of National School of Drama but said that it isn’t❌ mandatory for people to go to acting school🎭. Nasseruddin said🔉, “I believe that anyone who is passionate about acting can learn on his own. An actor trains himself and that is what I believe. Being in an institution is conducive to learning." He said that 😎Amitabh Bachchan,👨🏻 Kamal Haasan and Dilip Kumar never went to acting school 🎨, "yet all of them are such fine actors."

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