Pune Police👮🏼 Photoshop Predicament😕

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By Fråst🐺

An Indian🇮🇳 police couple, Tarakeshwari and Dinesh Rathod, have allegedly faked their expedition to the summit of Mount Everest🗻 by morphing photographs📷. The couple are serving as constables👮🏼 in the Pune Police Department and claim that they’ve been the first Indian couple👫 to scale the 8,850-metre summit🗻. They have even obtained summit certificates📜 from Nepal’s Dept. of Tourism after allegedly providing doctored photos📷 showing them at the peak. Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism said🔉, “The climbers have already returned to India and we have asked Makalu Adventure, the local agency that managed the expedition for clarification regarding the matter within 24 hours.” A climber from Bangalore🌆, Satyarup Siddhantha said that the couple stole😯 his photos when he had scaled Everest🗻 on 21 May. If the allegations are true, the couple will lose their certificates🚫📜 and will be banned🚫 from climbing mountains in Nepal.

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