Major Hurdle⚠ in Punjab for Kejri😯

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Delhi🌆 CM Kejriwal was to visit Malerkotla, Punjab on Monday, however, the district administration🏣 brought up Section 144📜 and prohibited🚫 the assembling of more than 🔟people in the area😳. The move comes after protests✊ were launched by the Shiromani Akali Dal⚖ (SAD) and Congress✋. They claim that AAP MLA Naresh Yadav was involved in a sacrilege🔥 incident on 24 June. While in Phagwara, Kejriwal also faced protests✊ from various Muslim☪ bodies over Yadav’s involvement. Punjab has deployed heavy police👮🏼 force to handle any explosive💥 situations. District Superintendent of Police👮🏼 said that the Yadav will be questioned on Tuesday. He said🔉, “We are investigating the matter and when we have concrete proof, we will seek a warrant from the court and arrest him.” The tensions😓 with the AAP began after mastermind😈 in the sacrilege case, Vijay Kumar, accused Yadav of ordering the desecration of the Quran🙏.

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