Hyderabad ISIS▪ Allegiants Signed✍ Oath

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

The National Investigation Agency🕵 (NIA) arrested 5⃣ youths from Hyderabad🌆 for planning terror attacks💥 in the city. The NIA🕵 has now found evidence that the group were connected to ISIS🏴 in the form of an oath to the ISIS🏴 caliph. The oath was signed✍ by the members, scanned and emailed📧 to Shafi Armar, their handler who had assured✅ them that he would send it to the ‘Caliph’ 👺Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. The leader of the group, Ibrahim Yazdani had even attempted to reach Syria🏴 via Greece🇬🇷 with his year-old son👶🏻 and wife🙍🏻 and brother Ilyas who was also arrested. He even sold his wife’s jewellery🔱 to fund the group. As an electronics engineer👓, he even signed up for a course in Turkey🇹🇷 so that he could enter Syria🏴. The NIA said that he had even downloaded an app📱 which would help him locate police stations👮🏼 they could target🎯 in Hyderabad.

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