Army👮 Threatens to Demolish💥 Schools😱

  |   India News

By Shadowfax🐎

Bengaluru's Mtadahalli area was the scene of drama😱 today after the army threatened😠 to demolish 4⃣ Govt schools and a junior college🏫 in order to acquire the land occupied by the institutions. According to a notice📜 issued by the Estate office, the land occupied by 3 Govt Model Primary Schools, a Govt High School and a Govt Junior Composite School belonged to the army👮 and instructions were issued asking the schools to evacuate the premises😯. Today afternoon, at around 🕒2:45 pm, army personnel entered the premises and gave the school authorities 2 hours to clear the premises⚠, leading to dramatic scenes. Teachers locked🔒 the students inside the classrooms to prevent the demolition✋ while parents assembled and staged a protest. The army are claiming that they have court orders supporting their ownership of the land😳.

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