Ask👩Didi: 6⃣ Tips for Happiness❗️

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+91...2️⃣ what should i do to stop bad thoughts arising in my mind?

Dear +91...2️⃣,
Here are my tips for changing your mindset from 😞negative to 😊positive. You’ll notice an immediate difference if you:

1⃣😀Change your frown to a 😃smile, stand straight, with shoulders back
2⃣🗣Talk to somebody you trust 🔒 about what is bothering you
3⃣⏰Spend one minute taking deep 💨breaths in and out
4⃣😟When you feel a negative thought entering your mind, ❓question it. You’ll see that there is little rational reason for it.
5⃣🎨Be creative, do what you love, dance, 😚sing, paint, write - for yourself. You’ll remember the positivity you bring to the world
6⃣📝Every day take 5⃣ minutes to write down what you’re grateful for

Duta Didi