Cow🐄Slaughter Ban🚫 Affects Cricket💰

By Shadowfax🐎

What is the relation between a ban🚫 on cow slaughter and cricket❓ But it seems there is... for the cricket ball manufacturing industry😟 is reeling after the ban. The cricket ball is made of leather and the supply of illegal leather has fallen📉 dramatically following the ban on cow slaughter in most states. The price💰 of cricket balls has risen by almost 100%. Most of the manufacturers are now forced to import leather from abroad✈ which has resulted in the dramatic rise in prices. Rakesh Mahajan, director👔 of famous brand BDM, says🔈, "Earlier, the price of a cow skin sheet was ₹600-700 but has now touched ₹2500. This has caused prices to double."

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