Olympic🏅 Ban🚫: Russia Appeals at CAS⚖

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🇷🇺Russia has officially launched an action👊 against the suspension🚫 of their Athletics team. The whole team😱 was suspended in 2015 after a report cited widespread 💉doping. The Russian Olympic🏅 Committee confirmed the filing of a case at the ⚖Court of Arbitration for Sport. The appeal will be heard on July 19📅 and Russia is confident👍 that the suspension will be revoked in time for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio🎉 next month. The 800m runner👩 Yulia Stepanova, whose statements📄 have been used in the case which led to Russia’s ban❌, has already been cleared😯 to compete in the games under a neutral🏳 flag. President👔 Vladimir Putin has criticised😡 the decision to suspend and said🔈 that entire body and its athletes should not be punished🤔 if someone was found ⚖guilty.

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