Parrikar on Women🙋🏻 in Armed💂🏼 Forces

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On Monday, Defence Minister👔 Manohar Parrikar said that the assumption of women🙋🏻 taking on combat roles💂🏼 in the armed forces should be gradual🚶. He said🔉, “I am totally for women empowerment and greater role of women in armed forces, but the change has to be gradual.” Last month, India🇮🇳 saw its first batch of female fighter pilots🛩 commissioned into the IAF. Regarding the Navy⚓, Parrikar said that he can’t allow women🙎🏻 naval officers on board submarines as they’re not open to gender segregation🤔. He added that🔉 “ships can be modified to suit women's needs and hence they can be deployed on ships.” Regarding reservation🙄 for women🙋🏻 in the forces, he said that he didn’t believe❌ in reservation, but in “affirmative action,” and wouldn’t compromise on the security🔐 of the nation’s borders.

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