Transgenders🌈 Supported👍 in Olympics🏋

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By Fråst🐺

2⃣ unnamed British🇬🇧 athletes👥 who were born male👨🏻, will now compete as women👩🏻 at the Rio Olympics🏋. They may become the world’s first transgender🌈 Olympians if selected. However, they are afraid😓 of being exposed and ridiculed and might ‘drop back’😯 if they’re close to winning a medal🏅. Their inclusion in the British🇬🇧 team may be seen as a human rights victory👏 but is also controversial. This is because critics say that male-to-female competitors have an unfair advantage🤔 biologically with regard to size, muscle mass💪 and lung capacity😐. The International Olympic Committee🏋 (IOC) has made several changes to its guidelines📝. As per the new rules, competitors born male only need to declare💬 themselves female and show that their testosterone💉 levels are below a specific point📉 for a year. This means that they can partake in the games without requiring reassignment surgery😦.

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