2016 Nexus📱 Phones Guestimate💭

  |   Tech News

By Fråst🐺

A very ‘confident’😎 rumour has turned up on Android’s🤖 streets regarding the Nexus’ 2016 smartphones: Salifish S1📱 and Marlin M1📲. The image of the phone is not the final design, but is supposedly a very accurate ‘guestimate’🤔. It is uncertain whether the home button🖲 will be white/gold like with the previously leaked ‘flower’ 🌸design. The ‘G’ logo at the back may be unreliable too. It is believed that the final design will not have an HTC logo either😐. Measurements and dimensions too are unreliable🤔. That doesn’t seem like a lot🙄, but sources are fairly confident😎 that the phone will look like the images shown😕. The phone won’t have a camera📸 hump, and will probably have a glass pane, not plastic, on the back😯 to give it a stealthy look. The edges will be slightly curved too.

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