Priyanka💋 is 🏡Moving Out😯

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By Fråst🐺

Priyanka Chopra💋 has been living at her parent’s apartment in Yari Road, Mumbai🌃 ever since she can remember. However, it looks like she’s finally found a luxurious 5⃣-BHK home in Juhu🌃 all to herself. She said🔉, “I am not in Mumbai that much anymore and have finally moved out of my parents' home. My mother (Madhu Chopra) is going, ‘Haaye... umbilical cord katt gaya,’ because I am not living with her for the first time in my life.” 😂😂😂 When asked about her name in the Panama Papers🇵🇦📑, Priyanka said🔉, “These figures are exaggerated and usually not even remotely true, not just for me but for anyone in the film industry.” She added, “I am not offended by all the speculation though. I deal with rumours with sass and style!”😏

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