Salman’s💪 “Raped”😦 Now Aamir’s “Waiter”💁🏻

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By Fråst🐺

If Salman’s💪 “raped woman” 😳comment wasn’t enough; Aamir Khan too has said🔉 something controversial. A while ago Aamir said that Salman’s😱 “raped” analogy was 🔉“unfortunate and insensitive.” Now, while at a recent interview, Aamir was asked about how he felt about Salman💪. Aamir said🔉, “I always feel when Salman enters a room, you feel a star has come. When I enter, I feel a waiter has come.” Yes😂, Aamir just compared himself to a waiter and belittled the profession👔 in doing so. However, he quickly apologised🙏. He said🔉, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that as waiters are great people. I feel when I walk into (a room), I feel it’s nobody as I enter silently. When Salman, Shah Rukh enter you feel (a) star has entered. I don’t have that quality. They are bigger stars than me.” Let’s just hope😓 there’s no ‘National Commission for Waiters’. Good luck👍, Aamir.

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