Bombay🌃 & Madras🌇 HCs🏣 Renamed

  |   India News

By Fråst🐺

On Tuesday, the Union Cabinet approved✅ a Law Ministry proposal to change the names of 2⃣ high courts 🏣(HC) through the Act of Parliament. Established in the 1860s, Bombay🌃 and Madras🌇 HCs🏣 have retained their respective city’s old names even after they were renamed almost 20 years ago🙄. The name change will be incorporated in The High Courts (Alteration of Names) Bill📜, 2016. It has taken them so long because there was no law to accommodate😒 the proposal for change of names. Calcutta🌆 HC, India’s first High Court🏣, too will be changed ‘eventually’ to Kolkata HC🏣😑. The names of Mumbai and Chennai were bestowed upon the cities in 1995. However, a good amount of the population👥 there still refer to them by their old names👏, believing the change to be unnecessary👎.

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